Life Continued – DROOOM on MTV

Life Continued – 1 hour MTV Special Today DROOOM’s track ‘Birds of Paradise’ was featured on MTV’s 1 hour special Life Continued. Want to check out more about the series on MTV? Check it out right here

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DROOOM tracks on MTV The Real World Portland EP. 9

DROOOM news | Two DROOOM tracks featured on MTV The Real World Portland season 28 EP. 9 Heartbreak Hotel. Listen to ‘Birds of Paradise’ and ‘Fever Dream’ by DROOOM Preview of EP. 9 Heartbreak Hotel (full episode only on from within the US). Get More: The Real World (Season 28), Full Episodes Get a copy of ‘Birds of Paradise EP’ on iTunes or Amazon

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Download ‘Birds of Paradise’ EP

DROOOM’s EP Birds of Paradise is available on a wide range of digital platforms. Download or listen on your favorite platform right here: License DROOOM tracks for cinema, sitcoms, shows, TV advertising and radio at┬áHype Music  

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